Joyce: Crystal River, FL – Thank you David – this was a great class.  I know other people that have been coming to your classes for a while, but this was my first one.  I loved the Vegan Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake.  I’m going to try making your Eggplant Manicotti for my family this week.  Can you work on a Vegan Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake for me?  It’s my favorite.  See in June for our next class.

Jeanne: Crystal River, FL – Fun class.  Your desserts always inspire me to get in the kitchen.  Thank you for the tips about ingredient subs.  I hear a lot about amaranth; can you give me a couple of ideas about how to use it.

Pam: New Smyrna, FL – I loved each dish! Superb!!! Health & Gourmet – what a marriage!  I am going to serve the Caponata with Polenta instead of pasta.  It was hearty and flavorful.  The raw cherry tomatoes stuffed with pesto would be a great appetizer.  Thank you for a great dinner and learning experience.  You shine in the kitchen.

Debra: Lecanto, FL – This was my ninth class and each one has been really informative and delicious.  Summer is coming and I’d like to learn about making light-soups for the hot weather, and some brunch and breakfast ideas.  Just so you know, last week I made the lentil dal recipe from last month for friends, and they wipe to bowls clean – no leftovers.  Thanks – your recipes rock.

Jim: Beverly Hills, FL – Your Chocolate-Coconut Date Balls are still my favorite dessert item.   I love your Mediterranean, Indian and Asian dishes – they always are packed with flavor.  Can you try to give us some recipe ideas for Irish dishes?  Sometimes I just miss simple meals from when I was growing-up.

Mary: Beverly Hills, FL – This was my 4th class – and I’m hooked.  The cannelloni worked-out great.  I’m going to try do again this week for company.  Will you do a class on using different Gluten Free flours and alternative cooking oils, like grape seed and coconut?

Eleanor: Citrus Hills, FL – My favorite dish is still the Vegetable Lo Mein with gluten-free noodles.  I can’t believe that I’m cooking my favorite Chinese Food meal from scratch – it’s so easy, I’ll never order this for take-out again.  I made this for my grown kids and grand-children a couple of weeks ago; they didn’t even flinch.  They kept eating until the whole pot was gone, and none of them made any crazy comments or funny faces.   Thanks for giving me the confidence to get back in the kitchen and helping me share healthy, quick meals with my family.

Deborah: Crystal River, FL – This is my second class and so far my favorite dishes are the Gazpacho from a couple of weeks ago and the Caponata tonight.  I made a double-batch of the Gazpacho for my family at Easter – Everyone loved it! (and took home copies of the recipe).  My brother even made a batch and took to work in a thermos.  Keep up the good work – your classes are great!!

Elton: Pine Ridge, FL – That Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce was truly one of the best desserts I’ve had in recent memory.  I can’t believe that the texture and flavor were so good without real cheese and eggs.  It really opened my eyes and I can’t wait for your next class.  My wife and I are really struggling with going Gluten-Free.  We need some ideas for breakfast.  See you next time.