Meet The Dr.

David Bibbey, L.Ac like all licensed and trained Doctors of Oriental Medicine uses many unique approaches to helping his patients reach their individual health goals.  One of his favorite medical interventions is Food Therapy. In tradition Chinese Medicine this an age old, perfectly safe approach. Patients are given easy to understand instructions for improving their health without the need of invasive techniques or prescription medications.

Throughout his training and clinical experience, Bibbey, L.Ac has treated many patients seeking care for variety of health complaints related to inflammation.  Patients come to his office for answers about arthritis, depression, MS, chronic fatigue, IBS, Chrohn’s Disease, Neuropathy and other pain issues.

What do all of these conditions have in common?  They are all brought-on and aggravated by inflammation in the body.

And where does this inflammation come from?  Most of the time it comes straight into the body through our mouth.

Bibbey, L.Ac believes that the food we eat is our #1 source of inflammation.

This is what creates arterial inflammation, leading to America’s #1 killer Coronary Heart Disease.  It is what creates gut inflammation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  It is what creates muscle and joint problems that progress into aches and pains, then chronic fatigue, depression, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis.

Diet has even been shown to have a DIRECT influence on activating cancer cells in the body.  The same can also be said about using our diet to retard and reverse disease processes, like heart disease and cancer.  It is all possible with food.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that populations around the world whose diet contains less animal based foods – beef, pork, chicken, cheese, milk and eggs all tend to live longer healthier lives with less pain, disease and medications.  There is clear and direct evidence that shows when these foods are introduced into the diet regularly the effect is directly negative, dramatic and deadly.

Bibbey, L.Ac likes to teach moderation and provide patients with the tools necessary to plan and prepare Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Plant Based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whether you are dining solo or planning a party.

He understands the home cook wants and needs simple quick ideas that are affordable and easy to prepare.  David is passionate about helping people plan and prepare meals with confidence.  He is a teacher at heart and brings his enthusiasm and creativity to the kitchen for every class.  Bibbey, L.Ac has added additional space to his office to create a special demonstration kitchen which serves as both laboratory and classroom for patients, students and others who want to learn about reducing dietary inflammation.

These Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free cooking programs are easy to follow and designed for all levels of learning.  One-on-one classes and consultations are also available.

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Personalized Food Therapy Programs are available.   A personalized program would be tailored to fit your specific needs and includes one on one appointments with Bibbey, L.Ac.  To learn more about a Personalized Food Therapy Program visit:, call 352-464-1645.